Behind the Scenes of the City

Projektet ”Bekönade rum. Mångdimensionella vandringar i stadens historia” (Gendered Spaces: Multidimensional Walks in Urban History) avslutades med konferensen ”Behind the Scenes of the City”. Konferensen ägde rum 25–26 oktober 2021 på Stadsmuseet i Stockholm.

Videoinspelnigar från konferensen

1. Struggling for the Right to Dance


2. Police Photography as Cultural Heritage


3. Destabilizing Geographies of Sexuality and Gender


4. Spaces and Places in Tranformation


5. Backdrops of the City: Changing Scenes for Encounters and Gathering Durig the 19th Century


6. Time Machine Project: Big Data of the Past for a Shared Future


7. The Stories Behind: Novels, Ballads and Tabloid Headlines 


8. Thresholds, Borders and Spaces in Between


9. Collections and Archves: Deciphering Agendas and Uncovering Hidden Stories 


10. Memory and Place


11. The Knowledge of Tomorrow: Hidden Treasures in the Archives